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FUNdamental Foundations

This is a slower paced class with a focus on the foundation postures of yoga. Emphasis is placed on learning the pose itself rather than connecting movement to breath. The foundation postures of yoga are important to learn, if one day, you wish to expand your yoga practice. Leave feeling that you have worked your body and calmed your mind. Come to this class if you are new to yoga, or if you are an advanced practitioner wanting to work on precise alignment.. the instructor will teach to all levels.


Hot Hips

This class places emphasis on both strength and flexibility in and around the major joint of the body. An area in the body that tends to hold on to energetic stress and emotion from our day to day lives. 

Through strengthening postures and dynamic movement we provide greater stability and protection for the hips joints. Deeper stretches and longer holds work towards increased range of mobility and flexibility relieving tension and stress from your body. Come to this class if you want HOT and HAPPY HIPS!


Restore & Renew

If your body and mind need rest, this class is for you. Your weekly dose of ZEN. Allow your muscular body to relax, using props to support the body. A great class for decreasing levels of stress and improving mind - body connection. This yoga practice provides counterbalance to Yang-like activities and lifestyles, allowing the body and mind to find harmony and balance.


Strong + Slow Flow

This class provides poses that range from gentle to challenging, done with stable, self-centering energy. Static holds mixed with fluid movement provides a full mind-body experience. Become aware of your breath as you challenge your mind, build strength, stability and postural integrity. An empowering yoga practice suitable for all levels.


Vibrant Vinyasa

A dynamic and energizing vinyasa flow style practice where students move fluidly from one pose to another, connecting breath to movements. Each instructor will offer their own unique approach to this class with the focus being on creative transitions and safe alignment. When we synchronize the movement of the body with the flow of the breath, we cultivate a deeper sense of focus and clarity.


Soul Sweat

A challenging flow based class. Come to this class with a light heart and be ready let your heart pump and soul sweat. The instructor will guide you through creative sequences while playing with various transitions and advanced postures. A class taught to all levels of yoga practitioners.The only requirement: set aside expectations and arrive with an open mind, a smile on your face and a commitment to trying new things!


Vibrant Vinyasa w/ Nidra

Our Vibrant Vinyasa class with a soul-soothing ending. 

Yoga Nidra- also called yogic sleep, or sleep awareness is an ancient practice that includes full body relaxation and a deep meditative state of consciousness. Resting into an extended Savasana and turning all sense inward, you are guided step by step into your own personal journey. As you move into a meditative state you gradually find yourself in a state of harmony and ultimate relaxation,  in which your brainwaves slow down and a subtle bliss emerges.


Morning Mindful Movement

In this vinyasa based class, you will start your day with some mindful movement to wake up your body and mind. You will feel energized, focused and ready to take on whatever the day brings your way!


Easy Yoga

Easy Yoga is a specialty class that is appropriate for all those who are looking for a more gentle approach to their yoga practice. Recommended for all students who are brand new to yoga, or just want to take it easy.

This class builds stability, increases strength and improves body-awareness which can help prevent injury.You can expect to be guided through a series of standing postures, seated postures and breath work. All students will benefit from this gentle yet empowering yoga experience.


Sunrise Yoga

Start your day with this invigorating and uplifting practice that warms the body, calms the mind, and opens the heart.

We begin with a meditation to settle the mind, we then move into an energetic flow with a focus on alignment. Come and flow to awaken all your senses.

*This class will be held outside if weather permits. If it is wet or cold, the class will take place in the heated studio*