All of our teachers are yoga certified, which means they’ve been trained in anatomy, physiology, and nutrition. They understand that no two bodies are alike and will work with you at the right pace.



The first yoga class I attended was about nine years ago. To be honest, as I have always been naturally flexible, I assumed (incorrectly) that yoga would be an "easy" thing for me to get into. Through practice, I've learned that is not exactly the case. Something as easy as sitting can be made difficult by trying to enjoy the moment, and to be present. Something as difficult, and inaccessible, as a handstand, can be made easy by accepting that it doesn't need to be "perfect". There is such an incredible depth to yoga that I have just begun to discover.

I will now say, yoga, has been both the easiest and hardest thing I've done, and I hope to help anyone discover that amazingly imperfect balance for themselves.



I found yoga after a pretty severe low back injury that took me out of sports as a pre-teen. Within yoga I find a sense of community and and consciousness of individuals. People who regularly practice yoga have an understanding of their mind and body and how they are connected. This mind-body connection is known to improve all aspects of our health; physical, mental, and spiritual and I love this about yoga! I can usually be found upside down in my personal practice as inversions are a large part of my practice. Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently. I hope to see you in the studio and in my class. Come talk to me beforehand and I’ll put your favourite yoga poses ito class!



I truly stumbled unto the path that is yoga. I was invited to a class by a close friend of mine and fell in love with the practice shortly after. It was my first time in a yoga studio and being your somewhat stereotypical young man with a healthy competitive appetite. I pushed myself to keep up with the class. I left that class feeling exhausted yet relaxed, glowing with energy and craving more but with the utmost respect and admiration for the practice of yoga. I had never experienced something so physically and mentally demanding yet so peaceful and relaxing.

As I continued to grow on the path that is yoga, I was inspired by several of the yogic texts that gave me a perspective on life I had never seen before. I continue to grow letting yoga seep into every aspect of my life as I explore new ideas and meet new and amazing people along the way. Let us grow and learn together as we continue our journey down life's many paths. And most of all, love your practice! Namaste!



Staying physically active has always been an important part of my life and this is what drew me to yoga. However, as I began to practice, I discovered so much more than a workout! I found an outlet for stress and a method for calming my busy thoughts. Yoga has become a sanctuary for me; it has helped me to become more present in the moment and has provided me with tools for self-reflection and discovery of my true self.

I hope to share my passion for yoga and its numerous benefits with others through my teaching. With a background in gymnastics, my teaching style incorporates aspects of building strength, flexibility and lightness. In addition to my 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training, I also carry a 50-Hour Children’s Yoga Teacher Training Certificate. I love working with kids and enjoy bringing elements of playfulness and fun into all of my classes.



Who am I??

I’m definitely not who I used to be. I have made changes to my body and mind. I was sleepwalking through life.  Trying to “Fit in”.  Identifying with other peoples expectations  of me. It was a rough road. YOGA just called to me!! 

 After starting my yoga practice I instantly felt the benefits. I completed my Yoga Alliance Certificate  in 2011.  I have received certificates of training in Yoga Nidra, Thrive, Yoga for Kids,Therapy Ball and Barre Training.

My personal Yoga practice is over 24 years.  Yoga has helped me through life being more present and positive. Accepting people for who they are, listening to their stories and being non judgment. It’s made me a better person. Next to yoga I love to garden, cook, down hill ski, hike. I LOVE spending time with my family.



I truly believe that health and fitness should be approachable, effective, challenging and fun! Growing up with, and continuing to manage, severe asthma often means that some activities can be intimidating, difficult, or even dangerous for me. However, finding the right fitness training methods and holistic supports have meant that I can tackle my condition head on and not let it deter me from living life on my terms. As a result, I was able to become a competitive rower while I attended the University of Calgary. Among other exciting experiences I never imagined that I could have, in 2018 I participated in a six hundred kilometer, six-day mountain bike challenge in Mongolia. As an instructor, this journey is the foundation of my drive to help others, regardless of age and ability, to live a long, full life, as free from fear, injury and restriction as possible.



As most yoga journeys begin, the desire for change towards a positive direction is needed.Throughout my youth, I had worked hard to acquire my flexibility and strength through 16 years of rhythmic gymnastics and other physical fitness activities. At first, my yoga practice was explored exclusively for its physical and healing benefits. I needed an activity that would not only maintain and challenge my flexibility further, but restore past injuries. Naturally, after a couple years of practicing yoga while I was in college in Red Deer, I was presented with the opportunity to expand my knowledge in yoga through teacher training. My second weekend of teacher training I was asked "Who am I?” the answer was supposed to be simple. The more I thought about the question I noticed I became anxious by not having an answer. I realized, somewhere along the way I lost touch. I stopped living my life wholeheartedly and disconnected from my most authentic self. Upon reflection, I felt it was due to the fear judgement and rejection. This was the defining moment in my life where I knew major changes in the way I was living were going to happen, whether I was ready for them or not.

My life outside of yoga, for the majority of the time is spent being pulled in multiple directions. I am usually between volunteering for Elevate Aviation, a non-for-profit organization inspiring and educating women in the world of Aviation, a Flight Instructor at the Calgary Flying Club, a Holistic Nutritional Consultant, and being a gymnast representing Team Canada for the World Gymnaestrada in Dorbin, Austria this summer 2019. Not to mention, I will always squeeze social time to adhere to my extroversion. Yet, yoga helps me balance my busy schedule, mentally and physically, by teaching me to have patience with myself and providing me with tools to practice mindfulness, and maintain peace of mind during the more uncontrollable moments in my life.

The most important lesson yoga has taught me is how valuable having self-awareness is. This was the key for me to build stronger relationships and remain true to myself. What I love most about being a yoga instructor is the ability to engage in my creativity by guiding yogis through their practice with playful and challenging sequences, because they too are experiencing positive change for themselves.



I have always had a passion for health and I believe a positive well-rounded outlook is a key to maintaining balance in mind, body, and spirit. In 2006 I graduated with a Remedial Massage Therapy Diploma. I love doing massage but I started to feel restricted in the ways I could connect with people. In 2012 I received my 200 hr teacher training certification from Yandara Yoga in Mexico. I love that I can continue to empower a wider range of people through Yoga. With the consistent results of incorporating movement, breath, and meditation into our daily lives truly show the power we have to heal ourselves. In my own personal life having a consistent practice has made a significant difference. It not only keeps me injury free but also calm and grounded. It reminds me of my strength, and ability to overcome any challenge with grace. Acro Yoga and Animal Flow movement have been fun additions to my practice. In January 2017 I completed my 80hr Acro Yoga Teacher Training with Vancity Acro in Vancouver. In May 2018 I completed my Animal Flow Training in Calgary. My other passion is getting out to nature be it at the top of a mountain or standing beside the ocean. I often kick off my shoes and try to truly connect to the Earth by hiking barefoot where I can. My most recent project, in conjunction with a friend, is the creation of Living Yoga Institute that offers online courses and starting in 2020 Yoga Teacher Trainings.



I was dragged to my first yoga class back in 2005 by my best friend. The only thing I really remember about those first few classes is how hard I had to work at not giggling through savasana! I've never really been an athletic or active person, but something about the yoga classes kept me coming back. I have tried many fitness classes over the years but the only thing I continually returned to was yoga. After consistently practicing for a while, I fell off the 'yoga wagon' and then truly noticed the changes yoga had made in me, both physically and emotionally. Without yoga I became stagnant. I began to feel stuck, both in my thoughts and in my body. I felt stale, weak, and uninspired. After one more time back on my mat I realized yoga is what makes me a better version of myself and inspires me to keep moving and growing in every area of my life. It lifts me up and gives me the light to see through any dark feelings I may have, and the fire to keep burning and changing. I enjoy lighthearted teaching with some jokes and laughs thrown in along the way and hope all my students leave class with a smile!



My practice began about 6 years ago. I remember the exact night of my first yoga practice; a simple, small physical alignment cue had allowed me to engage with my body in such an astounding way. Today, there is nothing more blissful to me than to help facilitate a connection between a student's mind, movement, and breath. Helping them to find their ‘aha’ moment mentally like from an emotional release from Nidra meditation, physically holding a posture they never have before, and spiritually igniting passion, creating presence and balance on and off the mat.



Austin has always had a love and excitement for “the journey” as he calls it; The journey to living in total alignment with one’s passions. This started with his time performing for audiences as a competitive dancer at the age of 8 before being accepted into the Young Canadians School of Performing Arts in 2009 as a singer and dancer. This is where Austin had many exciting opportunities to expand his abilities and understand his gift of working with people as he worked and performed with personalities such as Paul Brandt, Eva Avila, Choreographer - Brian Foley and Musical Director/ Executive Producer of the Opening/Closing Ceremonies of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, Dave Pierce. During his years as a dancer and singer, Austin performed for the likes of TRH the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and performed nightly at Stampede each year in front of the 20,000-member audience at the Grandstand show as well as having the chance to perform on Disneyland Parks in 2013.


In the matter of healing work, it was 2011 in which Austin credits to be the year that he started to own his gift of connecting not only to the planet, Mother Earth, but also the people who call her home. Starting his journey in Energy work on his own he set out to become Reiki Certified, however it was not until 2016 when circumstances changed in Austin’s life that he really began living a more authentic healer’s lifestyle. Presently, Austin has been triple certified through 3 different Reiki Masters, including a traditional month long apprenticeship in Vietnam where he completed and organized a volunteer project for 30 days with Autistic children and families effected by the chemical Agent Orange. After apprenticing in Vietnam, in 2019, Austin completed his Holy Fire III Reiki Upgrade making him a Registered Affiliate Member and Holy Fire III Reiki Master through the International Center for Reiki Training. In 2018 after being avidly involved with the yoga scene for many years, Austin completed his 200-hour yoga teacher training through Nora Maskey at Inspired Yoga Institute in Calgary, AB and has since gone on to take many other immersions and intensives in order to strengthen his practice including training with Tanis Fishman and Alan Mileham. Austin credits yoga for keeping him going and thriving and has a passion for sharing his unique perspectives and themes in classes across the country no matter if it is Yoga, Dance or Reiki.

During the year when Austin is not teaching or holding yoga and healing workshops he can be found at school in Calgary where he aspires to eventually become a nurse or at a dance studio teaching and creating art through his passion for movement. Austin is also a proud trained palliative volunteer within Alberta Health Services and enjoys bridging the gap between life and death for many of his patients in order to bring peace to the entire process.